We are deeply saddened to announce that Mr Habib Malouche passed away on 27 September 2019 in his 92second year of age.

Mr Habib Malouche held degrees in law (1951), economy (1952) and economical sciences (1953) from the University of Paris, he was in Ecole Nationale d’administration of Paris (1954 to 1956) as a foreign student and has been admitted to the Tunisian bar on 1957.

Mr Habib Malouche was director at the plan ministry (from 1957 to 1961), he founded and was the first general secretary of the economical and social Council (from 1962 to 1973), he founded the professional association of bankers and was its first general delegate (from 1973 to 1988), he was general director of the bankers education center (from 1976 to 1988). Mr Habib Malouche has been decorated as republic Commandant Order. Mr Habib malouche was a professor in economy, finance and law, he teach at the faculty of Tunis, HEC and in the Ecole Nationale d’administration in Tunisia from 1956 to 1975 and this in addition to his carrier.
Mr Habib malouche was an international arbitrator since 1974; He has rendered more than one hundred awards, forty five of them in ICC arbitration procedures and a major part of them as president of an arbitration tribunal.
Mr Habib Malouche played an active role in a number of international associations, he created and was the president of the Mediterranean arbitration council, the Tunisian committee of the international chamber of commerce, he was president of chamber in the European court of international arbitration, member of the Institute of World Business Law of the International Chamber of Commerce, foreign member of the Swiss Arbitration Association, member of the French Arbitration association, member of the London Court, member of the arbitration commission of the chamber of Trade of Roumania, member of the arbitration center of Djibouti, member of the tunsiain center for mediation and arbitration and of the Tunisiana ssociation of arbitration and the ATUGE;

Mr Malouche has drafted many arbitration rules such as those of the Tunisian French chamber of trade, the Tunisian Italian chamber of trade and industry and many proposal of laws and amendments to the said law in relation to arbitration. Mr Malouche is the author of more than 50 publications in the fields of international arbitration, the Tunisian law, in Arabic, French and English as well as many testimonies of Tunisian history at the time of its independence. He also contributed significantly to the development of the law in many areas through his participation in expert commissions, associations, conferences and scientific commissions.

Mr Habib Malouche take an active part in the implementation of the basis of the Tunisian state as well as the foundations of its administration and economy. Tunisia has lost a rigorous scientist who has been a mentor for many generations of Tunisian Academics.

We have lost an extraordinary legal mind and an exceptional man. An eminent professor of law, a passionate international arbitrator and a man of immense culture and open mind, he knew how to combine intellectual rigour, a big energy and sense of humor. He was and remains a source of proud for all of us.